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DAD Students, Alumni and Friends Workshop

Posted: February 18, 2013 by Steven Forrest in Topical

(Written by Mark Pelling and Steven Forrest)

DAD Workshop 2013, courtesy of King's College London Geography Department

DAD Workshop 2013, courtesy of King’s College London Geography Department

Some 50 MA DAD students, PhDs and researchers crowded the Pyramid Room and then decamped to the postgraduate bar following a series of thought-provoking lectures and interactive activities.



Post Typhoon Bopha/Pablo: Immediate observations and reflections

Posted: December 6, 2012 by Steven Forrest in Topical

(This article was written by Hannah Tankard on the 5th December 2012 from San Francisco in the Philippines. Hannah is currently interning with the Red Cross and is helping with their emergency response to the disaster)

It is difficult to describe what Veruela looked like today, so here is an attempt: like a bomb site; a scene from a horror movie about a wide-ranging exploded nuclear power station; or perhaps imagine a scene from the movie The Day After Tomorrow. Homes were destroyed, whole forests flattened, there was infrastructural damage, landslides, flooding, no electricity and many, many, many, vulnerable people evacuated, some without food. It is clear from this one municipality alone that immediate relief is a must. With the Red Cross team I was with today we went to a barangay quite remote from the centre of this town. The relief effort has begun when we started to help out with emergency food. My personal contribution felt so limited considering all the devastation surrounding me. (more…)

Thanks to the internet, communication between people has become easier than ever. We can now share information quickly and easily with a large global audience or a few specific people through ‘social media’. Examples of such ‘interactive dialogues’ include community-generated materials (e.g. Wikipedia), blogging sites and social networking sites.

So what has social media got to do with disasters? Well, social media is not always associated with disasters, however, we are beginning to see some innovative examples of its use. These include the incorporation of social media into the disaster arena to aid in disaster risk reduction (DRR), act as an early warning system, as well as its use to raise public awareness of ongoing disaster situations and even comfort family and friends.


Official Launch Soon!

Posted: April 7, 2012 by Steven Forrest in Topical

The site is undergoing some final touches in order to get it ready for its post-Easter launch!

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