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Much Ado About…Alberta?

Posted: June 25, 2012 by aydencumming in Topical

Rio, Kyoto, Copenhagen, Durban: International climate change conferences and negotiations attract the world’s attention. Hundreds of thousands of news releases, blogs and tweets report the on-goings of delegates and protestors alike. We hope that world leaders will put aside their differences and genuinely try to reach an agreement about how to protect our environment. But no one holds their breath.



Statistics indicate that, unfortunately, ‘natural’ disasters are on the increase.  Irrespective of the uncertainty associated with predicting when and where they will occur, we must do more to prepare for future shocks. In 2010, 110 million people were affected by disasters. There is a pressing need for more pre-emptive policies i.e. actions taken before the disaster strikes. Only through these actions will it be possible to curtail unnecessary suffering and realign both poor and rich countries towards a greener more equitable development path.