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You’ve probably never asked yourself this question; to be honest, I hadn’t even considered it until I took a module about water as part of my disasters Master’s. As my kind blog reviewer pointed out, people may think the term “water wars” refers to people playing with “water bombs and super soakers in the back garden”. Alas, no: my definition of water wars is probably better phrased as “water conflicts,” which occur due to limited or unfair access to trans-boundary water. Water is a vital resource: it sustains life by quenching our thirst and growing our food.  Perhaps now you are pondering – really, why are there no water wars?

Namibia - where the mean rainfall is 285 mm/year, making it one of the driest countries worldwide! They overcome lack of water by trading mainly with South Africa.



Thanks to the internet, communication between people has become easier than ever. We can now share information quickly and easily with a large global audience or a few specific people through ‘social media’. Examples of such ‘interactive dialogues’ include community-generated materials (e.g. Wikipedia), blogging sites and social networking sites.

So what has social media got to do with disasters? Well, social media is not always associated with disasters, however, we are beginning to see some innovative examples of its use. These include the incorporation of social media into the disaster arena to aid in disaster risk reduction (DRR), act as an early warning system, as well as its use to raise public awareness of ongoing disaster situations and even comfort family and friends.


Let nature protect us

Posted: April 10, 2012 by maariahaikarainen in Adaptation, Climate Change

”Adaptation to climate change is a bit like teenage sex. Everyone is talking about it, no-one is really doing it, and the few who are, are doing it badly”.

This is said to have been blurted out at an adaptation conference in Helsinki this January. It may not have been the most elegant way to explain the current situation but at least it is accurate. Adaptation issues have emerged on the agendas of climate change negotiations and development policy planning only very recently, and there is still a lot to learn. The question is, are there any shortcuts to doing good adaptation from the beginning or will we master the skills only over time?


Official Launch Soon!

Posted: April 7, 2012 by Steven Forrest in Topical

The site is undergoing some final touches in order to get it ready for its post-Easter launch!

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